Having success with some products services, while others aren’t performing to expectations? Having trouble getting traction with your MVP? Pivoting in a new direction and think that previous code could be repurposed and/or divested to find a different path to success?

Consider Abound Corporation your commercialization engine …

Increase Cash Flow

Discover New Markets

You might be doing everything you can in your current market. Maybe your current market is B2B, maybe its B2C, or maybe its P2P. Are you sure you are doing everything possible to extract as much value as possible out of your technology?

Pivot and Capture Value

Commercialize Overlooked IP

You may have pivoted away from some core code? Or you have had a new product take off that doesn’t require the development and maintenance of your old code? Are you leaving value on the shelf? We can find partners and/or acquirers to find additional value that you may not even realize you have.

Partner With Like Minded Ventures

Strategic Partnerships allow both parties to accomplish things neither could alone.

You’ve got an MVP. You may even have some serious traction. Have you considered what it would be like to pour gasoline on your fire? Strategic Partnerships can open doors that you have never thought of. These doors may help position your company as the dominant force in your industry. You owe it to your company to consider options that you may have previous thought unavailable.

Discover Emerging Technologies

Leverage other teams and technologies to propel your own solutions.

You know that innovation is happening in your space. Your don’t think your company doesn’t have the time and resources required build your own solutions. You may even recognize the value and lower risk in acquiring emerging technologies. That’s where we come in.


Get more done in less time, and achieve unbelievable things.

Its about time that emerging companies and emerging technologies leverage the available talent, funding, access, customer base, and insight available from like minded teams who seek to accelerate their growth and success.


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